Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts

About the Program
A Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree program offers instruction in the humanities, social sciences or liberal arts. These programs are commonly offered at most colleges or universities. A Bachelor of Arts is a broad interdisciplinary undergraduate degree program encompassing general education, electives and major area of study courses. As opposed to a Bachelor of Science program, B.A. programs generally give you more flexibility in choosing your courses and are less specialized. By taking courses in the arts and humanities, you can deepen your cultural understanding and awareness, in addition to developing analytical, critical thinking, written and communication skills. A Bachelor of Arts degree may be appealing because of its broad and well-rounded approach, which can offer versatility and options when seeking a career or a graduate degree. B.A. Degrees are foundational education for lawyers, teachers, architects, and communications professionals.


1. History 5. Hindi
2. Economics 6. English
3. Political Science 7. Home Science
4. Sociology 8. Drawing

The candidate must have passed 10+2 with 40% marks in any discipline.

Career Opportunity with various corporate sector