Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration

3 Years (Six-semester) Full-Time Programmesme
There shall be two sessional tests and one End-semester examination. The sessional test shall carry 30 % of the total marks of the course. There shall be written End-semester examination which shall be of two hours duration carrying 70% of total marks assigned for the course. Evaluation shall be done on a continuous basis, three times during each semester.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (Semester I)
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 SOM/BBA/DSC-101 Management & Organization Behaviour
2 SOM/BBA/DSC-102 Business Statistics
3 SOM/BBA/GEC-103 Entrepreneurship Development
4 SOM/BBA/AECC-104 Environmental Science

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (Semester II)
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 SOM/BBA/DSC-201 Human Resource Management
2 SOM/BBA/DSC-202 Business Accounting
3 SOM/BBA/GEC-203 Production and Operations Management
4 SOM/BBA/AECC-204 English/ Modern Indian Language (MIL)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (Semester III)
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 SOM/BBA/DSC-301 Managerial Economics
2 SOM/BBA/DSC-302 Principles of Marketing
3 SOM/BBA/DSC-303 Management Accounting
4 SOM/BBA/GEN-304 A1/ A2
Econometrics/ India’s Diversity & Business
5 SOM/BBA/SEC-305 A1/ A2/ A3/ A4
IT Tools for Business/Personality Development and Communication Skills/E-Commerce/ Statistical Software Package(s)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (Semester IV)
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 SOM/BBA/DSC-401 Business & Marketing Research
2 SOM/BBA/DSC-402 Macroeconomics
3 SOM/BBA/DEC-403 Financial Management
4 SOM/BBA/GEC-404 A1/A2
Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility/Tax Planning
5 SOM/BBA/SEC-405 Summer Internship & Viva-Voce

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (Semester V)
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 SOM/BBA/DSC-501 Quantitative Techniques for Management
2 SOM/BBA/DSC-502 Legal Aspects of Business
Students are required to choose one group and select two papers from this group as specified here under Discipline Specific Elective (DSE). The groups comprise of Finance (F), Marketing (M), Human Resource (HR), Global Business Management (GB)
3 SOM/BBA/DSE-IF-503 International Finance (Or)
Finance Modeling and Derivatives
3 SOM/BBA/DSE-IIM-503 Consumer Behaviour (Or)
Retail Management
3 SOM/BBA/DSE-IIIHR-503 Training and Development (Or)
Performance and Compensation Management
3 SOM/BBA/DSE-IVGB-503 Global Business Environment (Or)
Multinational Business Finance
4 SOM/BBA/DSE-IF- 504 Investment Banking and Financial Services (Or)
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
4 SOM/BBA/DSE-IIM-504 Marketing of Services (Or)
International Marketing
4 SOM/BBA/DSE-IIIHR-504 Management of Industrial Relations (Or)
Talent and Knowledge Management
4 SOM/BBA/DSE-IVGB-504 International Trade Policy and Strategy (Or)
Transactional and Cross Cultural Marketing

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (Semester VI)
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 SOM/BBA/DSC-601 Business Policy and strategy
2 SOM/BBA/DSC-602 Financial Institutions and Markets
3 SOM/BBA/DSE-IF-603 Legal Aspects of Business
3 SOM/BBA/DSE-IIM-603 International Finance (Or)
Finance Modeling and Derivatives
3 SOM/BBA/DSE-IIIHRM-603 Project Appraisal (Or)
Business Analysis and Valuation (Or)
Strategic Corporate Finance.
3 SOM/BBA/DSE-IVGB-603 Personal selling and Sales Force Management(Or)
Advertising and Brand Management (Or)
Distribution and Supply Chain Management
3 SOM/BBA/DSE-604 HRD; System and Strategies (Or)
Counseling and Negotiating Skills for Managers
(Or) Cross Cultural HRM
4 SOM/BBA/DSE-IVGB-603 International Distribution and Supply Chain
Management (Or)
International Accounting and Reporting System
(Or) International Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions.
4 SOM/BBA/DSE-604 Research Project & Viva Voce

Career Opportunity with various corporate sector