Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science

About the Programme
When it comes to choosing a graduation course after Class XII, Bachelor of Science (BSc) is one of the most common options selected by students. BSc is one an undergraduate course offered at almost all universities in India. Students with an academic qualification of Class XII can pursue BSc course in different branches.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) offers theoretical as well as practical knowledge about different subject areas. These subject areas usually include any one of the main Science fields (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) and other fields depending on the specialization which student opts.

Pursuing a B.Sc course is most beneficial for students who have a strong interest and background in Science and Mathematics. The course is also beneficial for students who wish to pursue multi and inter-disciplinary science career in future.

This Programmes is affiliated to Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University and is spread across 3 year.

Students must have passed 10+2 from a recognized board in science stream.


(Physics, Chemistry, Maths)
(Physics, Maths, Geology)
(Zoology, Botany, Chemistry)
(Zoology, Botany, Geology)
(Physics, Maths, Computer Science)
(Chemistry, Geology, Computer Science)
I Year
Physics Mechanics
Electricity and magnetism
Waves, oscilations and acoustics
Chemistry Inorganic chemistry
Organic chemistry
Physical chemistry
Zoology Non-chordata
Cell biology and genetics
Taxonomy, evolution, biostats & computer
Botany Fungi, elementary microbiology & plant pathology
Algae and bryophytes
Pteridophytes, gymnosperm & elementary palaeobotany
Mathematics Differential calculas
Integral calculas and trigonometry
Algebra and matrices
Geology Physical geology
Structural geology
Crystallography & mineralogy
Computer science
II Year  
Physics Thermal physics and statistical mechanics
Solid state physics
Chemistry Inorganic chemistry
Organic chemistry
Physical chemistry
Zoology Chordata ,
Animal physiology and biochemistry
Molecular biology, microbiology & biotechnology
Botany Taxonomy of angiosperms & economic botany
Anatomy, embryology & elementary morphogenesis
Ecology and remote sensing
Mathematics Differential equations
Real analysis
Advanced algebra
Geology Petrology
Computer science
III Year  
Physics Quantum mechanics Modern physics
Basic electronics
Chemistry Principle inorganic chemistry
Organic chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Zoology Endocrinology and applied zoology
Ecology, conservation biology & animal behaviour
Development biology & toxicology
Botany Cytogenetics, molecular biology & biotechnology
Plant physiology and elementary biochemistry
Plant breeding and biostatistics
Mathematics Linear algebra & linear programming
Complex analysis
Numerical analysis
Geology Mineral distribution & ore genesis
Elements of applied geology
Environmental geology & geology of uttarakhand
Computer science

Career Opportunity with various corporate sector