Rules & Regulations


1- Students are responsible for keeping classrooms and campus neat & clean. Boards, bench, tables and electricity Items like fans & tube lights etc. should be in proper form. If any items damaged by any students then penalty / punishment will imposed by the discipline committee to that student.
2- Dress code is mandatory in the college campus & all the students will be come in the college campus in proper uniform.
3- All students must have an I.D. card which should be in hanging position always.
4- All students submit the course fee in one installment at the time of Admission/Registration. If any student permit by the management committee for the fee submission in two installments then the 2nd installment should be submitted in the month of October otherwise Rs 500/- fine will be charged from 1st November to 15th November and Rs 1000/- fine charged from 16th November to 30th November.
5- Two computer labs are available for student use while attending the basic academy Programmes, If any items damaged by any students then penalty / punishment will given by the discipline committee to that student.
6- Faculties have the authority to dismiss from class any student observed to be sleeping, distracted, disruptive or otherwise not participating in appropriate learning behavior.
7- Students are not allowed to use mobile phone, earphone or other electronic communications devices (including cameras) in the classroom, corridor & the college campus. If any students is seen using them he / she will be fined & liable to punish.
8- Evaluation of students is a continuing process encompassing academic standing, skills performance, professional appearance, attitude, and interpersonal skills. For this, students examine regularly by the institution.
9- Listen carefully during each lecturer’s presentation. Involve yourself in the learning process by initiating Discussion or questions.
10- Every student prepares good notes & should you have difficulty in any area, please contacts the concern Faculty. Notes will be checked by the faculty members / management in regular interval.
11- Students are required to surrender the notebook for inspection. This is intended to enhance the student’s observation and listening skills, and the ability to keep clear and concise notes.
12- Attendance is required for all scheduled classes. An unauthorized absence can be cause for dismissal the examination or from the course. All classes require 75% attendance. The student is responsible for completion of attendance in every subject of all courses.
13- Attendance has been taken on tablet through software in every lecture. Student or Parents can see the attendance record through Log-in ID & password.
14– If any student creates a disturbance in the class or misbehaves to the class teacher or students then that Student may be restricted by the discipline committee and call his / her parents for meeting.
15- If any student comes after schedule time then he/she will not be allowed in campus.


1- Students are responsible for keeping Library neat & clean. Students will make a silent atmosphere in the library.
2- Students can issue 02 books at a time from the library as per following rules -
“Books will be issued for 07 days only, if necessary then same books will be issue again maximum for 7 days. If any student retains the books over 14 days then he/she have to pay the penalty of Rs. 5/- per day. If the fine amount will be more than cost of books then student will pay the cost of books only.
3- If any book damaged by any students then penalty (equal to cost of book) will be charged to that student.


1- Internal Examination is mandatory to attend all the Students.
2- If any students absent in any paper he/ she will be fined with Rs. 100/- per paper and attend the special examination conduct by the examination committee.
3- The minimum passing marks is 40% for the internal examinations. If any students will get below 40% marks in internal examination then call his/her parents for meeting.
4- Internal exam will be conducted by the examination committee in every semester.

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