About College

About HEC

HEC College is one of the oldest and the best managed self-financed college in Haridwar (Uttrakhand). HEC College provides under graduates, Post graduate, PG diploma courses and certification courses. The courses are in field of Commerce, Management, Science, Computer Science, Lib. Science, Arts, Hotel Management and Yoga ability improvement. Affiliated to HNB Garhawal University, Srinagar, Garhawal and Sri Dev Suman Uttrakhand University, Badshahithol, Tehri Garhwal. HEC has sought to establish a connection between living and learning. A wide range of facilities including faculty & staff, cafeteria, sports complex, science labs, library, computer labs, WiFi, power backup and well furnished classrooms are available. The lush green campus welcomes a diverse community of students, faculty, staff and visitors in its midst.

It was established in year 2002. HEC Group of Institutions is a reputed organization and running successfully two campuses.

Campus 1 - Kanya Gurukul Campus, Chhoti Nehar, Kankhal, Haridwar.

Campus 2- Laksar Road, Jagjeetpur, Kankhal, Haridwar.

Vision & Mission

Academic Excellence : HEC strives for the uncompromising quality and highest standard of excellence in teaching, learning, research and scholarship across various disciplines.

Integrity & Ethics: HEC upholds the highest ethical values, integrity and professionalism and an unwavering commitment to academic freedom, transparency and accountability.

Diversity & Mutual Respect: HEC nurtures an environment of safety, trust & mutual respect and embeds equality & diversity in its Strategy by ensuring that the strategic plans are fair and inclusive.

Expand Horizons of Knowledge: HEC is driven by research and innovation and ensures continuous engagement in the scholarly activities in the pursuit of innovation, creativity and excellence.

Shared Governance: HEC encourages shared decision-making through a process that rests upon collaborative consultation, open flow of information, diverse involvement and collective deliberations of all stake holders.

Social Responsibility: HEC creates and nurtures an inclusive environment where every one can develop their full potential and contribute to the interest of the society as a whole.

Environmental Responsibility: HEC is acutely aware of its environmental responsibilities and embraces principle of sustainable development to ensure that any adverse environmental impact of its activities is minimized.

Service: HEC seeks to serve the diverse, personal and professional development needs of its constituents and encourage habit of engagement, caring, and civic responsibility by emphasizing a connect between service, excellence, and career growth.


The HEC College of Commerce, Management, Science, Computer Science, Library Science, Arts, Hotel Management and Yoga educate the youth:

To respect and foster the dignity of the humanity in the context of the welfare of society, as a whole;

To adopt the principle that “Quality education is the key to excellence;”

To adhere to the teaching that “We live in a global community; where countries of different cultures and creeds are interdependent with one another;”

To cultivate in them the teaching that “Economic progress is to be organized and merged in such a reasonable and human way so that it will be able to reduce social inequalities;”

To commit themselves to the Empowerment of the majority of the people, so that they will learn to take personal initiative and responsibility in socio-economic affairs.

Career Opportunity with various corporate sector