HEC is guided by the principle that a student needs knowledge beyond the pages of books for overall development. Co-curricular activities like Fresher’s Party, Dramatics, Youth Parliament, Exordium, Poetry, Extempore, Yoga session, and many more actively involve students.

The college has a profound focus to imbibe cultural awareness amongst its students. Accordingly, the college takes a keen interest in organizing events that relate to the national as well as regional culture. These events also serve as a platform for the students to showcase their creativity and talent.

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We take social awareness, amongst students, to be a part of our duty. HEC doesn’t only restrict itself to creating good candidates for great jobs; in addition, the college aims at developing good human beings. The college regularly organises social activities and events wherein students take charge to work upon the society, and themselves. Cloth donation, Eye camps, and more are organised by the college for the students

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a voluntary community service programme that aims at building social consciousness in students by involving them in the task of nation-building. HEC offers its students to associate with NSS to venture out of their comfort zones and make a difference in society. Moreover, the NSS unit of HEC also develops students’ personalities by exposing them to various responsibilities under the able guidance of experts and leaders.


HEC is committed to providing quality education to every student, which needs wide coverage - much beyond the teaching-learning process in the classrooms where topics are discussed as a part of the syllabi designed through the process of curriculum development.

Seminars/workshops are conducted on a regular basis to fill up the voids in the education system. There is an annual calendar for such seminars/workshops wherein a schedule is drawn after thoughtful consideration of the relevant subjects on which such seminars/workshops are required to be organized on different topics for all courses and the speakers are chosen with due consideration of their reputation. Such seminars/workshops are not confined to any particular department; but are multidisciplinary and inclusive in nature


As a pioneer of education, HEC extends the opportunity to students to take part in educational tours and industrial visits. These trips allow the students to do a comparative study of theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Furthermore, they also get the chance to experience co-operation and communication with each other in a different environment altogether.


College clubs and organizations along with academic responsibilities allow students to practice discipline as well as time management. Involvement in clubs demonstrates a student's ability to manage his or her schedule with academics and social activities. It promotes opportunities for everyone to experience the culture, participate in educational programs and develop their creative abilities

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