sports Club

The Sports Club is committed to providing healthy sporty habits among the students. It helps to imbibe teamwork at work, and coordination among diverse cultural & ethnic groups, and mainly infuses discipline that instills the value system in each individual. Value of time, precision & competitiveness is the major learning points apart from communication, coordination & teamwork.

Club Activities

  • Badminton
  • Chess
  • Carrom
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Athletics
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball

Social Club

Social Service Club helps members to learn to respect people and how to fulfill their responsibilities to serve the community. Club has been founded to develop the social cooperation spirit in students and to help people who need it directly or indirectly by means of charitable organizations and activities

Club Activities

  • Guest Lectures
  • Social Awareness Programs like Nukkad Nataka
  • Clothes and Food Distribution
  • Adult and Child Education of Villages and Backward Areas
  • Helping Local Administrations like Traffic Police, Municipal Corporations, etc.

Cultural Club

Participation in cultural activities results in the enhancement of personal skills and experiences like confidence; self-presentation; teamwork; time management and organizational skills; the ability to cope with criticism and learn from them resulting in a whole new developed, and improved person.

Club Activities

  • Singing Competition
  • Business Plan
  • Classical Dance Competition
  • Rangoli Competition
  • Fusion Dance Competition
  • Collage Competition
  • Rang Manch "Skit"
  • Business Quiz
  • Debate
  • Face Painting
  • Fashion shows etc.

Literature Club

The Literature club offers a competing platform for knowledge-hungry students. It is a space for students to discuss poetry, novel, fiction, and much more. The literature club aims to develop self-efficacy and confidence and would help to enhance the general knowledge base

Club Activities

  • Quiz
  • Debate
  • Group Discussion
  • Declamation Competition
  • Essay or Blog Writing
  • Creative Writing Competition
  • Storytelling Competition
  • Poetry Competition
  • FYouth Parliament

Multimedia & Animation club

The club covers all the events and activities that happen at HEC and captures the moments in time through the art of cinematography and to allow revisiting by sharing them on social media. It helps the students to develop balance between Theory and Practical learning, generates creativity among students, brings exposure to latest tools and techniques and creates a balance between Creativity and Technology.

Club Activities

  • Projects/ workshops on 2D/ 3D Model
  • Showcasing of movies produced by the students of HEC
  • Digital painting competition for the students
  • Projects/ workshops on 2D/ 3D movie making
  • Lectures and seminars on Film-Making
  • Showcasing of awarded 2D, 3D, stop motion and experimental movies
  • Individual/group film making competition for the students
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