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Course Name

B.SC. ( Bachelor of Science)


10+2 or its equivalent in any stream, conducted by a recognised board.


Yearly-Based Programme

Admission Process

As per University Guidelines.

Course Overview

B.Sc. is a three-year under-graduate programme that familiarizes students with the upcoming technological changes and gives first-hand knowledge. The course includes Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Zoology, Botany & Geology as the core subjects of study. The college aims to deliver in-depth understanding of the analytical, observational and empirical aspects of the subjects. The college has well maintained laboratories with modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art lab equipment.

HEC offers best academic curriculum in science courses and ensures that the students gain wide spectrum knowledge and enhance their skills to support research requirements for the Scientific and Technological industries

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  • Induction and orientation are conducted to familiarize students with the subject and the campus
  • Interactive and adaptive teaching methodology is adopted to enhance the understanding as well as the development of the student
  • Societal duties and responsibilities are inculcated through community service programs.
  • Industrial interface through guest lectures and industrial visits are conducted to develop corporate skills in the student
  • Students get an opportunity to join in a club of their choice and harness people management and organizational skills in these clubs
  • State-of-the-art Equipments and Tools for Labs
  • 100% Placement Assistance for a bright and secured future
  • Varsity-laboratory tie-ups for Advanced hands-on Training
  • Book Bank Facility for ease of procuring knowledge and maintaining notes

Fee Structure



After the completion of the B.Sc. course, students can work in various areas which include both scientific & non-scientific fields

  • Scientist
  • Scientific Assistant
  • Research analyst
  • Teachers
  • Technical Writer/Editor
  • Lecturers
  • Chemist
  • Enumerators
  • Researcher
  • Bio-statistician
  • Clinical Research Manager
  • Consultant


  • To provide skills of observations and drawing logical inferences from the scientific experiments.
  • To develop a good teaching-learning environment for higher studies and help in selection of professional careers in government and private organization, industries, educational/ research/extension, institutes etc.
  • To provide, value based and ethical leadership in the professional and social life.


  • To develop an understanding of the impact of the scientific solutions in societal and environmental contexts and demonstrate the knowledge of and need for sustainable development.
  • To develop research-related skills and scientific temper which includes the working knowledge and applications of instrumentation and laboratory techniques.
  • To inculcate critical thinking and problem solving which also includes the skills of analysis, inference, interpretation and problem-solving by observing the situation closely and design the solutions.
  • To help students to recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

Course Curriculum

Zoology 1st Year:

  • Paper 1-Animal diversity (Invertebrates)t
  • Paper 2-Cell biology and Genetics
  • Paper 3-Taxonomy Evolution Biostatistics & Computer

Zoology 2nd year:

  • Paper 1-Animal Diversity (Vertebrates)
  • Paper 2-Animal Physiology & Biochemistry
  • Paper 3-Molecular biology, Biotechnology & Microbiology

Zoology 3rd year:

  • Paper 1-Endocrinology and Applied Zoology
  • Paper 2-Ecology, Conservation Biology and Animal Behaviour
  • Paper 3-Developmental Biology & Toxicology

Botany 1st Year:

  • Paper 1- Fungi, Elementary Microbiology and Plant Pathology
  • Paper 2-Algae and Bryophytes
  • Paper 3-Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Elementary Palaeobotany

Botany 2nd Year:

  • Paper 1- Taxonomy of Angiosperms and Economic Botany
  • Paper 2- Anatomy, Embryology and Elementary Morphogenesis
  • Paper 3- Ecology and Remote Sensing

Botany 3rd Year:

  • Paper 1- Cytogenetics, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  • Paper 2- Plant Physiology and Elementary Biochemistry
  • Paper 3- Plant Breeding and Biostatistics

Physics 1st Year:

  • Paper 1- Mechanics
  • Paper 2-Electricity and Magnetism
  • Paper 3- Waves, Oscillations and Acoustics

Physics 2nd Year:

  • Paper 1- Thermal Physics and Statistical Mechanics
  • Paper 2- Optics
  • Paper 3- Solid State Physics

Physics 3rd Year:

  • Paper 1- Quantum Mechanics
  • Paper 2- Modern Physics
  • Paper 3- Basic Electronics

Mathematics 1st Year:

  • Paper 1- Differential Calculus
  • Paper 2-Integral Calculus and Trigonometry
  • Paper 3- Algebra and Matrices

Mathematics 2nd Year:

  • Paper 1- Differential Equations
  • Paper 2- Real analysis
  • Paper 3- Advanced algebra

Mathematics 3rd Year:

  • Paper 1- Linear algebra and linear programming problem
  • Paper 2- Complex analysis
  • Paper 3- Numerical analysis

Chemistry 1st Year:

  • Paper 1- Inorganic chemistry
  • Paper 2- Organic chemistry
  • Paper 3- Physical chemistry

Chemistry 2nd Year:

  • Paper 1- Inorganic chemistry
  • Paper 2- Organic chemistry
  • Paper 3- Physical chemistry

Chemistry 3nd Year:

  • Paper 1- Inorganic chemistry
  • Paper 2- Organic chemistry
  • Paper 3- Physical chemistry

Computer Science 1st Year:

  • Paper 1- computer fundamental and architecture
  • Paper 2- mathematical foundation of computer science
  • Paper 3- programming in ‘C’

Computer Science 2nd Year:

  • Paper 1- Operating system
  • Paper 2- object oriented programming with C++
  • Paper 3- data structure using C

Computer Science 3rd Year:

  • Paper 1- Java programming
  • Paper 2- digital fundamental and Microprocessor Architecture
  • Paper 3- Database Management System

Geology 1st Year:

  • Paper 1- Physical Geology
  • Paper 2- Structural Geology
  • Paper 3- Crystallography and Mineralogy

Geology 2nd Year:

  • Paper 1- Petrology
  • Paper 2- Palaeontology
  • Paper 3- Stratigraphy

Geology 3rd Year:

  • Paper 1- Mineral Distribution and ore Genesis
  • Paper 2- Elements of Applied Geology
  • Paper 3- Environmental Geology and Geology of Uttarakhand
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