About Facilities


HEC houses an extensive library stocked with books, specific to various courses and their respective subjects. The place acts as an unlimited wealth of information with its open rack system, web access and spacious reading room. The ample number of books, reference materials and journals are meticulously maintained to satisfy the academic as well as research needs of scholars

All this material also has an online database to allow easy access for the students to find the desired books in a matter of minutes. A competent staff is also always available to guide the students regarding queries related to books


HEC constantly strives towards the best technological advancements. The classrooms on the campus are fully equipped with the best features to provide an ideal learning environment for the students. Each classroom is customized and curated to function towards the course that is being taught there. Every section makes use of digital technology to help students study more effectively. The numerous audio and visual aids used in smart classes make learning fun and engaging.

Utilizing technology in a learning environment helps to maximize their attention and engagement which results in the number of academic records. Our smart classrooms foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology.


Practical knowledge, which is an important part of technical education, can be achieved by a well-equipped Computer Laboratory. The Computer Laboratory is a basic component of the Institute's infrastructure, providing a wide range of support to the students and faculties involved in research and other academic activities. The Laboratories provide the hands-on need of today's industry requirements and what they learn in the classrooms.

The Computer Applications department is equipped with well-versed Personal Computers available for conducting laboratory sessions. New and updated software, as well as equipments, are regularly incorporated into laboratories to give students an added advantage. A wide range of software to learn programming languages such as C, C++, Java, PHP, Web programming, MATLAB, Rational Rose, ORACLE, etc. are installed on our computers.


To help the students conduct scientific or technological research, experiments, and diagnostic work with real-life applications, the college has established well-equipped and modern Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany labs to upgrade the basic technological skills. The labs cater to the needs of students looking forward to a career in the core industry.

The labs provide free tutoring, as well as a place to study. Students using the labs have access to computers, anatomical models, microscopes, radiological films, supplementary texts and software


We have constructed the cafeteria over a large area and furnished it as a comfort zone for our students and faculty members. Variety is the spice of life - this is what our cafeterias reflect. Our canteen offers vegetarian delicacies and caters to the diverse palates, and for the health freaks, we have a dedicated juice counter providing fresh fruit juices, Delicious food is prepared according to strict standards of hygiene.


HEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS provides a bus facility for students and staff members and it covers every corner of the city and nearby areas. The college owns a fleet of 10 buses equipped with safety features such as fire extinguishers, First-aid Box, etc.

Opting for College Bus transport will enable safe transport and convenience.


HEC has tie up with a reputed hospital, which is in close proximity to the college. A team of qualified doctors is available to provide regular and intensive medical care to our students


A wifi-enabled campus is a crucial aspect of modern college life, providing students with a reliable, high-speed internet connection throughout campus. At our college, we understand the importance of staying connected, which is why we have invested in a robust wifi network that covers every corner of our campus.

With our wifi-enabled campus, students can seamlessly access online resources, participate in distance learning, collaborate on group projects, and stay connected to campus life, all while enjoying the convenience of a wireless connection. Our wifi network is designed to support the needs of modern learners and to provide a comfortable and engaging environment for students to pursue their academic and personal goals.


The college boasts of a huge indoor auditorium equipped with a professionally-deployed acoustic system and a seating capacity of more than 150 people. It also houses projectors and screen facilities. Apart from being well-equipped, the auditorium is also spacious, well ventilated and well furnished. A combination of all of these makes the auditorium the perfect space for conducting workshops, seminars, guest lectures, and other college events. The hall also regularly facilitates special interactive lectures added with screen learning to enhance the education process.


Hostels – Home Away from Home

Choosing a College is also about choosing a new home. We ensure that students dwell in a healthy environment that helps them to grow and learn without any obstacles. HEC offers the best residential facilities for its students who move from other cities and states to Haridwar. The college has tied up with the most premier hostel facilities nearby, for both boys as well as girls, providing them comfortable, safe and homely stay near the campus.

All the living quarters have been designed to facilitate the students who live there. These spaces contain all the basic amenities of food service and common space, with other features that can be added upon the request and desire of the student. Any student seeking to opt for a hostel facility may reach out to college authorities who shall assist them through the whole process.

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